Electric scooter - regulations Sweden

Electric scooters are a type of electric one-person vehicle and have spread quickly in several citie

Lift the ban on bicycles in the centre of Palermo - for truly sustainable mobility

Description: On January 18, 2024, a petition was launched to the Municipality of Palermo, opposing

Positive attitudes & habits that we incorporate into everyday life and are models of sustainable mob

Green energy and sustainable mobility are promoted at the "Voltαρω 7" event, where people can learn

Clean more often the buses in Karlskrona for a happy commuting.

Description: The public transport Nr.1 from Lyceby to Karlskrona is not as comfortable as it could

New express route with park and ride service to the center of Nicosia

Description: Starting September 7th, the new Pame Express route offers a free park & ride service fr

Modernization in shared public transportation in Palermo with APP “Muoversi a Palermo”

The app “Muoversi a Palermo”, through which citizens will be able to consult bus and tram timetable